Monday, September 5, 2011

Running and Beer - Day 5

It's days like today that really make this goal a bitch.  I worked a long damn day, short-handed, and got kicked in the teeth at dinner.  So when I finally get home, the beer part of this challenge, a nice hot shower, and a movie all sound pretty damn good.

Not to mention I have an email from Vinnie Cilurzo* sitting in my inbox that I'm nervous/excited about concerning an upcoming beer project.

Instead I have to sit here and wait for it to stop raining so I can go run.  *Then* I can have a beer.  And a shower.  And watch a movie.

Well, about midnight I finally decided to man up and go run in the rain.  As expected, the wondermutt enjoyed the heck out of it while I found it refreshing if a bit much towards the end.  Made it through though, and I have a feeling I had good lap times.  No GPS though since I didn't wanna destroy my rather not cheap cell phone...

12.5km/7.69km - Endomondo Linkage...

So, a nice PB&J with honey sandwich, and on to the beer of the evening!

Tonight's beer is a lovely Stone Belgo Anise Russian Imperial Stout.  Beer pours dark as night with a dark brown head that is only there for an instant before it fades to lacing around the glass.  I'm catching the anise right off the bat on the nose for this one - definitely a licorice component there.  The flavor is... interesting.  Licorice predominates, but the malt backbone is definitely there.  A little coffee, and I can somewhat see the cocoa others mention.  Mouthfeel is smooth and velvety.  It's an interesting take on the original for sure, though I think this is one I will remember vs. revisit.

* - Vinnie Cilurzo is the founder/owner/brewmaster of Russian River Brewing, located in Northern California.  He is known for creating the Double IPA style, being a hop guru, and a brewing wunderkind.  He's also a great supporter of home brewing and speaks regularly at the National Homebrewing Conference every year.  Getting a reply from him is like having Eric Clapton show up to teach you how to play your guitar.

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